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we have years of experience in the world of film production and are now expanding to out-of-home marketing to target the most visited tourist spots in Orlando. What are doing is revolutionizing the way your company reaches out to potential customers. We have partnered with over 200 full time (8-10 hours a day) Uber & Lyft drivers and installed iPads. This is where your company's commercial will loop throughout the day. 

So why not TV and radio ads?

It is common for people to change the radio station or the TV channel when commercials start to play but when a when people are in an Uber/Lyft car and they see ads, it's something new to them and they will take the time to see what your company has to offer. 

So why not billboards?

Billboards are great for displaying your message, but they're stuck in one place; limiting the diversity of people you'll be able to reach. To grant your advertisement mobility broadens the reach that your ad will be able to make. We have campaigns with up to 500 cars driving throughout Central Florida and this is the best way to integrate your business into one of the most visited communities in the world.


Taxis are also a great means of advertising, but the bright color can be off-putting and even carries a negative association for some; creating a resistance to being able to accept an impression. With Trip Cinema, we use vehicles that are regularly seen everyday, which on a psychological level makes information displayed more widely accepted. 

Here at Trip Cinema, every driver receives regular evaluations that assess their driving habits and driving hours, so that you can maintain the confidence that your company's needs will always be matched with the most well-suited group of vehicles.


Josh Ortiz is an award-winning Filipino-American filmmaker from San Francisco, California who now resides in Orlando, Florida. He started Trip Cinema in 2013 as a film production company and in 2016, has expanded into the world of out-of-home media advertising. He has produced videos for star athlete and actor Shaquille O'Neal, Celebrity Chef Buddy Valastro aka The Cake Boss, as well as international companies such as In 2014, Ortiz submitted his short film Listen to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's HBO TV Show Project Greenlight and was awarded Most Unique Short Film, standing out against thousands of entries from across the nation. Listen went on to screen at multiple high school assemblies and film festivals. Ortiz has been featured on NBC NewsYahooOrlando WeeklyThe Daily DotRappler and several other international news outlets (click text for articles). In 2015, His film Wake Up won Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Cinematography at the Orlando 48 Hour Film Project. Out of 4,500 entries, Wake Up was chosen as 1 of the 12 international short films to screen at the 2016 Festival De Cannes. In 2016, Ortiz worked on a primetime TV show on the History Channel and will premiere in 2017. Ortiz's next goal is to create a platform for independent filmmakers and stream short films in cars all throughout the nation while integrating commercial ads.

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