What is a vacation videographer or photographer?

You made sure that your wedding was filmed and photographed because it's a memory that you want to relive. The same goes with birthdays and baptisms but we tend to overlook the one thing that we work our whole lives for. The dream vacation! We are the first company to specialize in turning your vacation into a film that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Basically, we are professional filmmakers and photographers who have experience with filming weddings, commercials, documentaries and films. What Trip Cinema has done is revolutionize how families enjoy their trip by completely letting them enjoy their trip without ever having to worry about running out of batteries or space on their phone, auto focus problems, or always having mom or dad missing in the videos because they always had to hold the video camera. 

Can't I just use my cellphone?

Cell phones are amazing and the quality of the pictures just keep getting better and better! However, most people will agree that a vacation is more fun when you are experiencing it through your own eyes and not with your phone 10 inches from your face waiting for the auto focus to work. People have forgotten how to enjoy and "be in the present" because they feel like they will have the cell phone pictures to remind them of how they felt during their trip. Your children will look back at your film and thank you for letting them see and hear how they reacted when they first saw Mickey Mouse or watched the magical firework show. These special moments happen at the blink of an eye and once the auto focus finally works, you've missed that moment forever. While you focus on enjoying your trip, we're focused on making sure we capture the moments that made it special.

Don't theme parks already have photographers?

Yes, and they do a great job! However, waiting for them to count down from "3, 2, 1" isn't exactly a special memory. You're standing next to a mascot or a tourist spot and at the end of the day, every picture ends up looking the same. Same smile, same pose, different background. Trip Cinema specializes in capturing that first moment when you see the mascot or the tourist spot that you have always wanted to see. Wouldn't you want to see your reaction the very first time you saw Cinderella's castle or meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time? 

Who Started Trip Cinema?

Click here to learn more about him Joshua Ortiz

What is the process like?

When writing a film, there is this thing called the three act structure. Here's our version of the three act structure for your film. Click here to see The Process

Where do we meet you? 

Good question! If you arrange with us ahead of time, we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, free of charge! This is a great time to simply get to know each other and talk about how closely you'd like us to be involved with your trip. We can be sneaky ninjas and feel like we're not even around or we can interact with the family and almost acting like a tour guide as well. We will give you our phone number and then you can simply give us a call when you're ready to enjoy! 

Isn't it awkward to have someone with us? 

Only if you want it to be! Honestly, it can feel weird at first but we are all extremely friendly at Trip Cinema and we make sure you feel like family right away. This company started because we want families to look back and really give justice to the fun that they had during their trip. We find it to be very sad that a lot of families come home from their trip with blurry cell phone pictures and shaky videos. Be honest with us...after coming home from a vacation, how many times have you even watched the videos you took? With your very own film, you now have something to share with friends and family members. However, the biggest treat is the fact that your children will one day be able to show their film to their children and that magic is priceless. 

When do we get to see our film?

Your highlight films will be ready in just 5-7 days after your final day of filming. However, before you leave to fly back, we will edit a 1 minute trailer to get you, friends, and family members excited on social media! The final cinematic film takes a little longer to edit and that will be completed in 15-17 days. We will then send you your full package in the mail complete with DVDs and photo albums. Our packages can be found by clicking this link Our Packages. However, before you leave, we will give you a hard drive with every video and photo that we took. 

When you say "unlimited," do you mean unlimited?

Yes! Unlimited videos and unlimited photos. However, our "days" are only 8 hours and so you will need to let us know which hours work best for your trip. 

Do we have to feed you or pay for your ticket?

Nope! We always find time to grab something to eat and all of our employees have annual passes to all the theme parks that you will be going to so no worries! 

Is This A Part Of The Disney VIP Program?

We are not affiliated with Disney at all but we definitely love them! I mean...who doesn't?! Though we're not a part of the Disney VIP program, we make you feel like the VIPs that you truly are! 

How much does it cost?

The price for our packages is our perceived value of the memories that we capture and the films and pictures that we produce. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been able to put our own unique twist on how people enjoy and remember their vacations. Also, we continue to invest in equipment, technology, and talent to ensure that we are able to produce the best films and pictures. Our main focus is to prove that what we capture and create is worth every dollar. 20-30 years down the road, when your family looks back at the films and pictures of your dream vacation, you will realize that those memories are priceless. Send us an email at thetripcinema@gmail.com to learn more about our prices.

We're going to _____, can we hire you?

Yes! We have Trip Cinema team members all over the world and we will be right there to make your film. Send us an email at thetripcinema@gmail.com to learn more about our international packages.