Ice Cream Junction - Ice Cream & Filipino Food In Cocoa Beach

We recently visited Ice Cream Junction in Cocoa Beach and we did not want to leave. Not only do they serve 44 different flavors of ice cream, they also have authentic Filipino cuisine on a daily basis. However, it's the weekend buffet that draws the biggest crowd. From Bangus to Lumpia to Chicken BBQ, they have it all! If you're ever craving for the best Ice Cream and Filipino Food in Cocoa Beach, Ice Cream Junction is the spot!

During our visit, they were kind enough to let us try their ice cream and we had a tough time deciding which flavor was the best. After asking a Cocoa Beach local who frequently visits the Ice Cream Junction, his reply was "you really can't go wrong here." After getting the Java Jive, he was right! After the ice cream, it was time to indulge and try their take on the Filipino Classic, Halo-Halo!

Because it was an extremely hot day, we actually had our desserts first before trying their Filipino Food. After a few minutes of talking and getting to know the friendly staff, it was time to try their weekend buffet. The best dish is without a doubt their Chicken BBQ on a stick. It reminded us of our Lola's BBQ back in the Philippines and we simply felt at home. However, they had about 9 other Filipino dishes that range from the party favorites like Lumpia and Pancit to Vegetable Spring Rolls and Fried Bangus. Even though it was about an hour drive away, it was completely worth it! 

If you want to learn more about the Ice Cream Junction, please check them out at 

Also, check out their Facebook page to stay up to date and see their fun and crazy karaoke videos of tourists from around the world. 

Filipino Food In Cocoa Beach